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Important - Terms of Use

  • Buyers and freelancers agree not to post their e-mail addresses, URL,ICQ number, phone number,passport number,social security number or any other method of contact outside of this website.
  • Members in violation of
  • Terms and Conditions will be immediately suspended and deactivated.
  • We monitor messages and delete users that violate our terms.
  • If freelancers wish to show their sample work, they must upload them under their profiles.
  • Adding external links is against Globfreelance terms and conditions.
  • When an employer (buyer) chooses a freelancer and the winning bid on this website, s/he will receive their contact information via Globfreelance.
  • Please read "Terms of Use " before registration.
  • Thank you for becoming a member on this website.

Attention Employers and Outsource Agents

  • Please note that any exchange of contact information (email,URL, passport number, phone number,ICQ number etc.) is strictly prohibited until a project is awarded.

How does this procedure work?

  • Complete Globfreelance simple registration form. You will be able to create a unique username that will be saved on Globfreelance system. You shall provide a valid email address and confirm reading our Terms Of Use and Conditions.
  • After registration, you will receive a confirmation link. This will activate your account in our system.
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