Why cannot I see my project on the main page?

Each project remains for duration of 5 to 10 minutes on the first page. Please keep in mind that there are project in various categories and we cannot display each project for longer time.

How come my username does not exist?

When such a warning is displayed, it means that your account is suspended, closed or deleted. The reason that accounts get suspended is because they violate the rules of this website. Please contact us for more details.

Why my deposit hasn't shown up in my Globfreelance account?

Our payment processors may take about an hour or two to clear a deposit. However, if you have deposited funds via Wire Transfer, you should wait about 5 business days for the deposit to enter at Globfreelance. When depositing money using PayPal also make sure to use a verified account. Otherwise, funds will not be automatically credited into Globfreelance. If you are still encountering problems please contact us providing your username, transaction ID, sender name, date, amount and all details.

I haven't received the money from my withdrawal.

All withdrawals are processed manually. Please note that premium members can expect to receive their payment within 5 business days depending on their choice of payment, while normal members have to wait up to 20 business days for payment.

I made my first money under $30, why cannot I withdraw my money?

The minimum amount of withdrawal is $30. If you are a Norwegian citizen who lives in Norway, you should add 25% taxes.

Why did not I receive my email from Globfreelance ?

Please contact us to solve the problem.

Why my username, password or e-mail addresses are not working?

Most sites use lowercase to identify account information. Please contact us by submitting the details on contact from

Why is there less money in my account than should be?

Please Review your transaction history in the "Payment Transactions" area before contacting Globfreelance. Your transaction history will provide you with all the debits and credits in your account. Keep in mind that money is automatically deducted for commissions on awarded fixed-price jobs.

Why did the e-mail notifications stop?

Make sure your e-mail account is correct and/or updated with Globfreelance.

How do I stop e-mail notifications for new jobs?

You can login to your account and go to the "Edit Account Info" link. If the box for receiving e-mail notifications is checked, uncheck it to no longer receive the notifications.

Why Messages are not appearing on a job?

From time to time due to overload issues, the oldest messages are automatically removed from our system.