Outsource projects


How can you outsource your project and hire a reliable freelance artist? The newest and best answer is by looking at the talented group of professionals that have joined Globfreelance at globfreelance.com.

A variety of providers that specialize in their respective fields of expertise can be found in this site. Freelance artists found in this site include writers, photographers, graphic designers, and almost a hundred other specialties.

One needs to sign up to be able to utilize this service. The process starts with the submission of an active email account. A message from Globfreelance will be sent to the given email address to confirm that the new account is active. Included in the confirmation and verification email will be a confirmation code with instructions for activation and the URL link to proceed with the activation. From there, the registration can be completed with the acceptance of the user terms and conditions of the website. As part of the registration process, there is a place for a short description of the provider or the company they represent. The company logo or a picture can accompany this profile, if preferred.

After registration, a job order can then be posted with the list of vital information about the project. This is when the bidding process begins by the onsite experts. All the entities that bid on the project are registered users and have active accounts. The bids by the experts can be for public viewing or private. The public viewing makes it possible for each expert to know what their competitors have bid. This could develop a bidding war where the provider can receive the lowest possible price for the project they have posted. The private bidding is preferred by those that want a more realistic price of what the expert thinks of their work and services. Once a bid is accepted by the provider, the work can commence.

The payment for services is conducted in the safest possible manner with the use of an escrow account that is managed by Globfreelance. This escrow account is controlled by the provider and can only be canceled by them. Once the project is completed, the provider has the time to review the work before payment is made. This is to properly review the work and make sure it is what you want and the quality that you need. If the work is satisfactory and payment is to be made at that time, it is then sent to the expert.

If a disagreement or discrepancy occurs between the provider and the expert, there is a resolution process that both parties have agreed to upon registration. It is encouraged that both parties discuss the problem and attempt to work out their differences. If that does not resolve the dispute, then Globfreelance will make a determination after the logs of communication are reviewed.