Globfreelance Jobs: Join Globfreelance Team and Be our ambassador

Temporary or Full Time Employment at

Dear Globfreelancer,
We need the following experts:

1- Article writers:

*Have writing experience
*Have blogs to place our articles
*Create a twitter corporate profile for Globfreelance and tweet on daily basis at least 10 tweets

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, French, Norwegian, Hindi, German

2- Software engineer:

We are looking for qualified candidate to fill a contract based Senior Software Engineer position.
As a member of the development team, this person will be involved in design and development activities and participate in the introduction of exciting functionality to Globfreelance's online marketplace.

3- Sales and marketing:

* Email marketing
* Sales repsentative from around the world
You should have a good internet connection, be in touch with us on daily basis and submit the requirements on time
We accpet candidates from around the world. Knowing several languages is a plus.

When we select you for a task, we run a small project to test your ability if you pass the project,
you will be selected as our full time employee for future projects.

Please provide your resume and a link to your Globfreelance profile with your photo.

Send your resume to Globfreelance HR department email address at

Make sure to add the position in the title of your resume and email, so our HR department evaluate your resume based on the type of job.

The salary will be paid via paypal or direct bank wire transfer to your bank account.