About us


About Globfreelance

What is Globfreelance?

Globfreelance is an online platform that connects freelancers and buyer to work together. Companies select Globfreelance.com`s expert providers to work on their projects

We offer a quick, flexible, quality, cost-effective and profitable way for users to manage a project or find a work and make money. Freelancers (experts) get hired by buyers (employers) and we make this procedure a safe environment for the projects get done cost effectively. For the employer or service buyer, Globfreelance provides immediate access to thousands of independent experts, without the need to place job advertisements or provide project space and any other costs. For the freelancer, Globfreelance offers a constant source of part-time to full-time job opportunities. This helps them to promote their skills without the expense of advertising.

Globfreelance`s organizational Mission:

Our mission is to become a leading staffing and management marketplace that connects providers and employers in a safe environment. We wish to contribute to societies with offering a solution to unemployment problem. We aim at increasing stakeholders` value who own the business, employees who work for the business, students who look for a business and clients who purchase products and/or services from the business.

Our Vision:

We are making a difference in this economy and inspire thousands of experts to use their talent in our marketplace to make money. We also wish companies around the world be able to get their projects done cost effectively. We want to make a difference and inspire people to achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible!

Our Goal:

We focus on our efforts strategically. Our goal is to meet and exceed user satisfaction; our business team follows Globfreelance`s overall organizational strategy. We work hard to add more value for the targeted users over the long run by consistently meeting their needs better than our competitors do. Globfreelance`s goal is to help people around the world to get a job and make money. Our goal is simple: to create more work environment for talented and unemployed experts around the globe. We want to be a success channel for people around the world to make money online and flourish their expertise in such a way that motivates them to innovate and find better solutions to problems in various areas such as: technology, political science, law, literature and much more.