Globfreelance rules


Rules- Terms of Use

1-Please do not post your user name that you have in the other freelance websites on, your bid will be deleted. Your account will be suspended or deleted. We do not allow users to promote other freelance websites on If you wish to get  buyers’ attention you can upload your sample work in your member area.  You can also take tests and get certified. Please watch the video tutorial.

3- Do not post contact information such as: email address, Skype, phone number, social security number on When a buyer chooses you, he or she will communicate with you on

4- Freelancers can only place bids that equal the total amount of money the buyers and project owners are requesting for the project. If the project is $400, do not bid $500 or $10000

5- Creating multiple buyer accounts are strictly prohibited

6- Creating multiple freelancer accounts is not allowed.

7 - Spamming, web scraping are prohibited

8 - No personal attacks

9-  Users shall not give unfair rating to the other users in order to corrupt the other user’s reputation. You shall treat the other fellow user with respect.

10- Advertising for another outsource or freelance portal is not allowed.

Please read Globfreelance terms here


Thank you for following and respecting our simple rules.